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Reviews on Popular Dancehall and Roots Reggae

Rodney Price A.K.A Bounty Killer-Next Millennium

The new album from Bounty Killer is a mix of hip hop beats with dancehall riddims, a versatile album, with unique music and vocals.The good points were the strong beats, and the voice of Bounty Killer, wich is of course unique. I also felt that some of the music was a bit repetitive,but what album doesnt have its boring tracks. A good track on the album would be the title track , Next Millennium f/ Noreaga , A blend of dancehall and Hip hop to the extreme, though i felt Noreaga's slow flow didnt fit the fast beat. I also liked the track "Scare Dem Way" f/ Scare Dem Crew, wich featured a large range of voices mixing together. Altogether i give this album an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Beres Hammond-A Day In The Life...

This album was not very good in my eyes, Beres Hammond has a beautiful voice, and alot of feelings wich is expressed on tracks like "Hold On" on Reggae Gold 98,and "its not official" on this album. "Always be there" was also a pretty good track, "two sweet love affair" was also a mediochre track but tracks like "all i need" were to corny for my tastes , I felt "there you go" was a touching track though. If it wasnt for his stunning voice this album would be thumbs down.